The PepMate™ Peptide Calculator


For single-letter entry: enter amino acids single-letter code in upper case (e.g., HAPPY).

For three-letter entry: enter amino acid sequence separated by hyphen (eg., Arg-Gly).

Choose the end groups on N- and C-termini from their respective drop-down lists next to the sequence entry bar.

For side-chain protecting groups: enter the standard abbreviation of group in parenthesis  (e.g., Arg(Pbf)-Gly).

For disulfide bonds: enter either single letter code for amino acids in upper case or three-letter code without parentheses and identify connectivity of disulfide bond(s) (e.g., 3-4, 5-6, 9-12).

Click here for a poster, in PDF format, of the common amino acids and their properties.




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