in Boulder, Colorado, AmideBio, LLC is a preclinical stage biotech company pursuing a series of therapeutic targets and diagnostics in the diabetes-related metabolic disease space. The company continues to use their proprietary BioPure™ platform technology to deliver difficult-to-manufacture peptides of any length with unprecedented purity for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry in the pursuit of novel treatments for a variety of diseases.

Synthesizing small proteins and long synthetic peptides using traditional solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) can present several challenges and is often an expensive endeavor. To overcome the typical obstacles, AmideBio has developed a novel recombinant-chemical hybrid strategy, the patented BioPureTM process, which is scalable and ideally suited for the manufacturing of difficult, hydrophobic, toxic, and amyloidogenic peptides, no matter the polypeptide length. As a result, AmideBio peptides are extremely economical, while still delivering the validated high-purity that you require.

AmideBio has constructed a proprietary set of expression vectors that achieve high yields of target peptides and fusion proteins. The expressed target is easily isolated from lysed cells using conventional chromatography followed by low-cost proprietary cleavage methods that release highly pure target product.

New England Peptide | Peptides International is proud to introduce a line of AmideBio products that complement our current product lines by allowing us to provide high-quality, longer peptides.

AmideBio Products

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Labelled Relaxins

Amyloid Peptides
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Bowman-Birk Inhibitors
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Toxins and Knottins
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