"Excellence Compounded" means that Peptides International:

  • Is an independent, technology-based company, which manufactures and distributes high-quality peptides and peptide-related biochemicals for the research community at competitive prices. We adhere to fundamental economic and ecological principles, comply with relevant federal and local regulations, and are committed to building a reliable partnership with both customers and employees.
  • Is active globally, with current emphasis on the markets of industrialized countries. We strive to be a market leader in the research peptide marketplace; thanks to our expert approach to development of new products and technical processes. We offer our customers a combination of high quality products and technical services.
  • Utilizes our profits primarily to strengthen our capital assets and to allow expansion. We aim to achieve a continual, sustained increase in shareholder value.
  • Has well-trained, motivated and responsible employees, who are given the power to make decisions in their respective areas of responsibility. We offer our co-workers an excellent program participation in a profit-linked bonus plan.
  • Is fully committed to equal-opportunity employment.
  • Places a strong emphasis on safety and environmental protection.
  • Plays an active role in society, cultivating a good relationship with authorities, professional societies and the public, and providing appropriate support for scientific and cultural events.