Dr. Andrzej Czerwinski

Senior Peptide Chemist

Dr. Andrzej Czerwinski, Senior Peptide Chemist at New England Peptide | Peptides International, specializes in solution-phase organic and peptide synthesis. Dr. Czerwinski is generally a quiet presence. However, when he does say something, all other discussion usually stops because a well-reasoned and intel­ligent comment will follow. Andrzej’s studies and profession have taken him from his native Gdańsk, Poland to Germany, Italy, Texas, and finally to Louisville, KY. In addition to being an extremely talented peptide chemist, he is also extensively published. Professionally, he is most proud of his con­tribution to the total synthesis of the structurally and biologically unusual peptide antibiotic, edeine D,1,2 at the Technical University of Gdańsk. At Peptides International, Andrzej’s major interest has been focused on RGD peptides and click chemistry.3-12  A special place in his publication list is reserved to the work on gonorrhea vaccine candidate peptide;13 he carried out the key synthetic steps in the preparation of that peptide. Andrzej is a proud husband, father, and grandfather, who enjoys mid-to-late 20th century history, movies, and travel. We are pleased and fortunate to have such a talent!

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