Denise Karounos

Director of Marketing

(502) 650-1422

Denise Karounos joined Peptides International in October 2016. After completing her BS in chemistry from West Virginia University, she spent time as an organic chemist at Bachem Bioscience synthesizing peptides and amino acid derivatives. Denise has experience with both solid and solution-phase peptide synthesis, and has worked under both research and cGMP settings. After completion of her MBA at Saint Joseph’s University, Denise transitioned into product management of peptides and amino acid derivatives. Denise has spent her time at PI focusing on both sales and marketing, including quoting, product management, market research and sales analysis, generating technical marketing content, and attending industry conferences.

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...Stings Like A Bee

A report on recent research investigating bee venom and efforts to reduce its toxicity while retaining of its useful ability

Resistance is Futile

The serious and growing problem of antibiotic resistance and one research team's efforts to mitigate it via some interesting modifications.

DPP and Cancer

The dipeptidyl-peptidases or dipeptidyl-aminopeptidases (DPP) are a subclass of exopeptidases, including some enzymes, that cleave either two or three amino acids from the end of a peptide or protein.

Probing the Matrix

Using the MMP-2 as a target for a nanoprobe as a research tool towards new, selective MMP probes for use in intracellular tumor imaging.

A ∩ of 2C3*

This post touches on the intersection of two of Peptides International's core competencies, RGD peptides and peptide venoms.

A Breast Cancer Update

In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here is a look some current peptide news for the disease's research and cure.

Tree of Life?

A fascinating entry about why a tree species is causing researchers to consider immune systems in a new way.