Dr. Andrzej Czerwinski

Senior Research Scientist

(502) 266-8787

  • English
  • Polish

Dr. Andrzej Czerwinski, Senior Research Chemist at Peptides International, specializes in solution-phase organic and peptide synthesis. While he speaks many languages, Andrzej is generally a quiet presence. However, when he does say something, all other discussion usually stops because a well-reasoned, intelligent and often humorous comment will follow. Dr. Czerwinski’s studies and profession have taken him from his native Gdańsk, Poland to Germany, Italy, Texas, and finally to Louisville, KY. In addition to being a talented peptide chemist, he is also extensively published. Professionally, he is most proud of his contribution to the total synthesis of the structurally and biologically unusual peptide antibiotic, edeine D, at the Technical University of Gdańsk.

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