Half Full or Half Empty? It Doesn't Matter, It's Collectible!

In keeping with a long-held tradition here at Peptides International, we are giving away a Kentucky Derby glass filled with candy, for any purchase over $500.00.  

2017 Derby Glass

Although not nearly as old as the race itself, which is now it its 143nd year running, the highly collectible Kentucky Derby glasses date all the way back to 1938. Those created during World War II were actually made of aluminum (1940 and 1941) and Bakelite (for 1941 to 1944).  The Bakelite versions, due to their scarcity in higher-grade conditions, can fetch up to $2500 each. The entire set of Derby glasses can be found in prices ranging from $6,000 to around $20,000, depending on condition and variation.  While the ones we are giving away can’t touch those prices, we hope you will enjoy the interest it creates for Peptides International’s home state.  We do know last year’s version will most likely be scarcer to find in mint condition than most other recent ones, since the image is not dishwasher safe! We have already heard stories of 2016 glasses coming out of the dishwasher, clean, clear - and totally devoid of any graphics!  

This 2017 edition Kentucky Derby Glass is now available (and if you have any of those Bakelite versions, let us know).