Product Spotlight for 10/30/2020: "A Vast Array of Benefits"

New England Peptide utilizes a proprietary peptide array platform that offers both a rapid and cost-effective way to synthesize 96 unique peptides, all with minimal fuss for you. It meets the need for initial draft-level evaluation utilizing the unique Flashpure™ Custom Peptide Array System and are purified using NEP's proprietary reverse phase purification process to remove non-peptide contaminants. These contaminants are not only bothersome, they can result in false negatives - or positives - as well as create poor peptide solubility. This value-added service is included at no additional charge and further streamlines the process in your research evaluations with results you can trust. The Array Peptides are unbound, delivered in 96 individual tubes, in a 96-well plate format. Each plate is individually tested for accuracy and can be used for epitope mapping, peptide libraries, protein characterization and much more. With up to 20-mer peptides at 2.5μm scale, we can also offer 3 tiers of analysis, with delivery to you being only 2-3 weeks.

Here are just some of the benefits at a glance:

  • 96 FlashPure™ peptides per plate, delivered in 96 individual tubes in 96-well plate format.
  • 1-2mg average for a 15 amino acid peptide (individual weights per tube not provided).
  • No cross contamination.
  • 2-3 week delivery.
  • QC of each individual plate (analysis tiers listed below*).
  • Biotinylation, Fluorescein, Stable Isotope Labeling and other modifications available.
  • The array is best suited for peptides that are 12-18 amino acids in length. Max length is 24 amino acids.
  • The average purity is of a 15-mer is ~75%. The approximate failure rate per plate is <5%. Failure rate may increase with longer peptides, hydrophobic sequences, and modified sequences.

*Three Analysis Options (per plate cost):

Tier 1 - $2,475 Mass Spec of 5 peptides
Tier 2 - $3,000 Mass Spec of every peptide
Tier 3 - $4,100 Mass Spec and HPLC of every peptide

Note that partial plates are available with a minimum of 24 peptides.  

The next time you find a need for a custom peptide array, give the Flashpure™ Custom Peptide Array a try! You will be delighted with the results! Contact us for a quote or more information today!

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