Product Spotlight for 11/5/19: Two Timely Tools

Our most recent releases are two topical items: an antimicrobial and a toxin.

 Added to the PI portfolio just days ago, CATH-2 (Chicken) (Cathelicidin-2) is a member of a family of host defense peptides and play an important role during the innate immune response.1 It has broad antimicrobial effects against both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, along with fungi, with potential antibiotic applications.

CATH-2 (Chicken)

Tarantula Venom-Derived JzTx-V Peptide Analog is a peptide that is member of an important family too: in this case, venoms that contain natural peptidic blockers of ion channels like NaV1.7.2 This analog is based on previously screened venom collections that used high throughput population patch clamp electrophysiology which identified two disulfide-rich NaV1.7-inhibitory peptides from tarantula venom: GpTx-1 and the aforementioned JzTx-V.3-6 We offer the recently added JzTx-V Peptide (TOX-3513-PI) as well.

These ion channel blockers are some of the more promising options being investigated as alternatives to non-opioid pain-management.

Tarantula Venom-Derived JzTx-V Peptide Analog

Incidentally, the venom from the Chilobrachys jingzhao or Chinese Earth Tarantula makes it one of the of the most venomous of any southern Chinese arachnids.7

Please contact us for more information on these or any related host defense peptides or peptide toxins, including bulk pricing and availability.


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