Vol 31, Issue 18 PEPNET E-Newsletter: "Rare Disease Journal I - BBS & A Guest-Authored PepTalk"

Dear Dr., 

We are instituting a new feature in this issue of PEPNET, The Rare Disease Journal, which will be appearing periodically.  It is designed to highlight and provide information on a singular disease - and possibly the applicable products that we might offer.  We hope you find them informative. 

Thanks for reading. 

Recombinant ProteinsThe Inaugural Edition of The Rare Disease Journal: BBS
With this Product Spotlight, we are unveiling a new feature that looks at “Rare Diseases”.  This designation is not an arbitrary one.  In order to qualify as a rare disease, its incidence rate must affect less than ... 

PepTalk PepTalk: "TFP Vs. NHS Esters"
The N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS, also known asHOSu) esters of carboxylic acids are the mostwidely used reactive esters for modifying… 

    • 13th Australian Peptide Conference - Sept 8–13, 2019

    • MipTec - Sept 9–12, 2019 (we are attending) 

    • BioProcess International and Biotech Week Boston - Sept 9–12, 2019

    • BioPharm America - Sept 11–12, 2019 

    • Microbiome Therapeutics US - Sept 10–12, 2019 

    • The Boulder Peptide Symposium - Sept 23–26, 2019 (we are attending)

    • Organic Process Research & Development - Sept 23–25, 2019 

    • BioImage Informatics - Oct 2–4, 2019

    • BioProduction 2019 - Nov 5–7, 2019

  • TIDES Europe - Nov 12–15, 2019 
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