This Week's Product Spotlight: "Do You Need Space - Or To Make Links?"

Peptides International is your one-stop shop for all things peptide related. Not only are we experts in peptide synthesis, as seen by our large catalog of biologically active peptides, enzyme substrates and inhibitors, and custom synthesis services, our proteins and cytokines, did you know that we also carry reagents and tools for peptide synthesis?

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This week we spotlight our mini-PEGS and CLEAR products.

Tools for Peptide Synthesis

Peptides International carries a variety of mini-PEG™s.  They are versatile spacers and solubilizing linkers.  In RGD peptides, for instance, they act as spacers between ligand and lipid head groups, to allow for more efficient binding to lipid surfaces.

Fmoc-mini-PEG™ / Fmoc-AEEA
Synonyms/Product Alternate Names: Fmoc-8-Amino-3,6-Dioxaoctanoic Acid; 9-Fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl-8-Amino-3,6-Dioxaoctanoic Acid
(M.W. 385.42) C21H23NO6     [166108-71-0]

Fmoc-mini-PEG™-3 (syrup) / Fmoc-AEEEA                                
Synonyms/Product Alternate Names: 9-Fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl-8-Amino-3,6,9-Trioxaundecanoic Acid; Fmoc-11-Amino-3,6,9-Trioxaundecanoic Acid (Syrup); Fmoc-mini-PEG™-3 Fmoc-11-Amino-3,6,9-Trioxaundecanoic Acid (Syrup)
(M.W. 429.47) C23H27NO7     [139338-72-0]

Boc-mini-PEG™ / Boc-AEEA                                             
Synonyms/Product Alternate Names: Boc-8-Amino-3,6-Dioxaoctanoic Acid • DCHA; tert-Butyloxycarbonyl-8-Amino-3,6-Dioxaoctanoic Acid • Dicyclohexylamine; Boc-mini-PEG™
(M.W. 263.29 • 181.3) C11H21NO6 • C12H23N     [560088-79-1]

Boc-mini-PEG™-3 / Boc-AEEEA                                        
Synonyms/Product Alternate Names: Boc-11-Amino-3,6,9-Trioxaundecanoic Acid • DCHA; tert-Butyloxycarbonyl-11-Amino-3,6,9-Trioxaundecanoic Acid • Dicyclohexylamine
(M.W. 307.35 • 181.32) C13H25NO7 • C12H23N

 8-Azido-3,6-Dioxaoctanoic Acid
Synonyms/Product Alternate Names: Azido-mini-PEG™ CHA salt; 8-Azido-3,6-Dioxaoctanoic Acid
A Building Block for Click Chemistry

H-mini-PEG™-2-ClTrt-Resin (100-200 mesh) 1% DVB
For preparation of acids, alcohols, thiols, or amines

Specialty Products & Technologies

CLEAR™ Resins
CLEARTM (Cross-Linked Ethoxylate Acry-late Resins) were developed by George Barany and Maria Kempe at the University of Minnesota and is produced in a bead form using a large-scale polymerization process developed at Peptides International. Not only do they have a highly desirable solvation property of PEG resins, they are highly cross-linked solid-supports and can be used in a variety of different applications, from automated or manual solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS), to organic synthesis, affinity chromatography, enzyme immobilization, trace analysis, or remote sensor applications. Do you need to use a non-polar solvent?  Besides DCM, DMF, and water, CLEAR are also compatible with the relatively non-polar solvents, THF and dioxane. Read more about CLEARTM here.

CLEAR-Acid Resin (100-200 mesh)

CLEAR-Amide Resin (100-200 mesh) (0.3 - 0.5 meq/g)

CLEAR-Base Resin (HCl) (100-200 mesh)

In addition to the CLEAR™ Resins, we also carry CLEAR-OXTM, a polymer-supported oxidant, which combines the power of solid phase chemistry with the versatility of solution-phase reactions. CLEAR-OXTM is a highly effective, polymer-supported reagent for the formation of disulfide-bonds. CLEAR resin is the polymer of choice due to its compatibility with both aqueous and organic environments. A lysine-preformed cyclic Ellman’s reagent [5,5’-dithiobis(2-nitrobenzoic acid) = DTNB] is covalently attached to a CLEAR™ polymeric support with a β-alanine spacer to yield CLEAR-OXTM. Since the mechanism is based on peptide capture, sensitive residues such as Tyr, Trp, and Met are not affected, leading to increased purity and yield. These improved synthetic conditions allow for facile removal of the oxidant. Read more about CLEAR-OXTM and download resin conditioning and general methods here.