This Week's Product Spotlight: "A Plethora of New Products to Peruse"

Peptides International, with the help of some of our valued partners, has been releasing so many products in the last few months, it is clear that featuring just a few every two weeks in the Product Spotlight will not allow us to showcase all of them in a timely manner. Therefore, this edition is intended to simply give a broad overview of the many new products that have been released, but not yet featured. We plan to do more in-depth articles on many of these at a later date.

Biologically Active Peptides

Cellular Housekeeping
CIF1                                                                 CIF-4499-s

Neuroscience Peptides
β-Ala-Lys(AMCA)                                             PBP-3412-v

Plant Based Peptides
CLE25 Peptide                                                 PBP-4511-v
TDIF [CLE41/44 Peptide]                                 PBP-4512-v

RGD Peptides
Asp-Asn-Tic-Cys]-NHâ‚‚                                     RGD-3035-PI
Celingitide                                                       RGD-3036-PI

APETx2                                                           APE-4472-s
τ-CnVA (Tau conotoxin CnVA):
H-ECCHRQLLCCLRFV-NH2                          CON-3847-PI

Enzyme Inhibitors and Substrates

Suc-Phe-Ala-Ala-Phe-pNA                               SUB-3007-PI
Urokinase-Derived Peptide A6                         UPA-3038-PI

Tools for Peptide Synthesis

Amino Acids
Fmoc-L-Ser((Ac)3-β-D-Xyl)-OH                       FSX-1924-PI
Galacturonic Acid                                             SAA-1928-PI

TentaGel® Microsphere NH2 Resin (20 um)    TMN-9909-PI

Recombinant Proteins 

TINAGL1 Human, Sf9                                      PRO-2422
YWHAE Human, His                                        PKA-095
PSIP1 Human                                                  PRO-2267
Aprotinin Recombinant                                    PRO-285
FKBP1A Mouse                                               ENZ-871

We hope you will find something of interest to your research. However, should you need an item that is truly unique, please contact us for a custom peptide synthesis quotation. With a quick reply times, quality and value, strict confidentiality, proactive project management, and friendly service, bringing your research dreams to reality has never been easier.