This Week's Product Spotlight: "New Neuromedins"

New research on a connection between feeding-regulation and the Neuromedin U Receptor 2 protein is covered in the PepTalk this week, so it is a good time to reintroduce the Neuromedins and unveil a few new product releases.

Neuromedin U (NMU) was discovered first in porcine spinal cord and seen to cause constriction of the uterus and other smooth skeletal muscle. Neuromedin S, an isoform of Neuromedin U, was first found in the rat brain in suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) and later NMU-17 and 33 were discovered in bombina frog venoms. Both are vasoconstrictors and regulate hormonal levels. Neuromedin B and Neuromedin C have a structure similar to Bombesin and are similar to Gastrin releasing peptide (GRP). Neuromedin K, or Neurokinin B, and Neuromedin L, Neurokinin A, are a part of the tachykinin family. Neuromedin N has similar properties to neurotensin, and both come from the same precursor.1

Along with the associated seventeen others we offer, including Neuromedin S (Human), Neuromedin S (Rat), Neuromedin U (Human), Neuromedin U (Mouse), Neuromedin U (Rat), and Neuromedin U8 (Porcine), we are introducing three more releases to these two related S and U classes.


  1. S. Gajjar & B. Patel., Pharmacological Reports, 69(3), 438 (2017).