Announcing the Peptides International Discount Program!

Be An Educated Consumer: Join Peptides International's Education Discount Program!

We are pleased to offer an across-the-board 10% discount on all catalog products to any educational institute!

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This offer is good on from EVERY CATEGORY and ALL of Peptides International’s more than 7000 items, including:

  • Biologically Active Peptides  RGDs, Disulfide-Rich Peptides, Peptide Toxins, Antimicrobials, Cell-Penetrating, Research Exemption Peptides, Neuropeptides, Leupeptins, Cyclorasins - and many, many others!
  • Recombinant Proteins → Cytokines, Chemokines, Enzymes, Growth Factors, Hormones, Viral Antigens, plus dozens of other categories.
  • Enzyme Inhibitors & Substrates  TAPI, Calpain, Caspase, Elastase, and many more...
  • Specialty Products & Technologies → Click Chemistry, mini-PEG™, CLEAR™ Resins, Carbohydrates and Conjugates, Carrier Proteins, Antisera, and other unique items.
  • Tools for Peptide Synthesis → Amino Acids, Building Blocks, Resins,
    Reagents, dPEG®s,TentaGels, Dipeptides, Unusual Amino Acids, Pseudoprolines, and various items for the lab...

Enroll Now Here!

To sign up, simply contact us via phone, fax, or email and mention this offer!  You can also download the form here, complete it and return it by email.  There are NO expiration dates, and NO minimums on quantities or number of orders. The ONLY requirement is that you are part of a educational institute where the order is placed from.

Please note: one enrollment or discount does not automatically extend to an entire university system. Each laboratory or department must enroll separately to qualify. However, only one is required per laboratory or department.

May not be combine with other discounts, offers, or applied to previous sales.

You can download the flyer with the information from this page here.