This Week's Product Spotlight: "Positioning Peptides Against Pain"

Since the company’s earliest days to our current 35th year, Peptides International has always been guided by the statement, “Research today. Cures tomorrow.” Peptide venoms have made that phrase a reality in a few cases. As outlined in this week’s PepTalk, one of the abiding health concerns in the United States right now is the search for safe alternatives to opioids for pain management. One such interesting drug actually to have originated from venom peptides is Prialt (ziconotide) (for the treatment of chronic intractable pain, which comes from Conus magus (ω-conotoxin MVIIA). In addition to it, there are other inhibitors of the voltage-gated sodium channel NaV, and specifically NaV1.7 that are of interest. The following are some of the peptide venoms that that Peptides International offers for this area of research:

In addition to the catalog offerings presented here, the Disulfide-Rich Peptide Experts at Peptides International’s custom peptide synthesis team can create with items to meet your exacting specifications.