This Week in the Product Spotlight: "Products for Breast Cancer Research"

In breast cancer, there are two types of cancer cells, those that grow in response to estrogen, called Estrogen Receptor (ER) positive, or those that do not, called ER negative. ER+ breast cancer is typically treated with endocrine therapies and accounts for over three quarters of all breast cancers. In ER+ cancers, treatment typically includes blocking the estrogen receptor, in order to inhibit the growth of the cancer cells. A stapled peptide that inhibits the ER/coactivator interaction is discussed in the PepTalk. Research often looks at the estrogen receptor and ways to block its action. Peptides International carries several products for breast cancer research:

  • Estrogen Receptor Alpha, Mouse Anti Human (ESR1 Antibody)
    The binding of estrogen to ER induces a conformational change and triggers a cascade of events, including dissociation from heat shock proteins, receptor dimerization, phosphorylation and the association of the hormone activated receptor with specific regulatory elements in target genes. Most types of breast cancers have receptors for estrogen.
  • Estrogen Receptor Binding Site Associated Antigen 9 Human Recombinant (EBAG9)
    EBAG9 is a tumor-associated antigen that is expressed at high frequency in a variety of cancers, such as advanced breast and prostate cancers. While the EBAG9 acts to inhibit the growth of receptor-binding cells and induced apoptosis of immune cells, cancer cells may evade immune surveillance. Thus immunodetection of EBAG9 expression can be a negative prognostic indicator.
  • Estrogen Sulfotransferase Human Recombinant (SULT1E1)
    Decreased SULT1E1 expression is linked with estrogen-dependent endometrial carcinomas in breast cancer.
  • RAS-like, Estrogen-Regulated, Growth Inhibitor Human Recombinant (RERG)
    REGR is a novel ras-related, estrogen-regulated and growth-inhibitory gene in breast cancer.
  • LISA-101
    A fluorogenic Substrate for γ-Glutamyl Cyclotransferase (GGCT), which is upregulated in a wide range of cancers, including breast cancer.

 Additional products linked to estrogen:

Additional products linked to breast cancer:

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