This Week in the Product Spotlight: Kinases and the Treatment of Viral Infections


Enzymes are present in nearly every metabolic reaction in order to catalyze a specific biochemical reaction. Unlike other reaction catalysts, enzymes are highly specific due to their molecular shape. They alter the rate of reaction but not the reaction equilibrium. The kinases are enzymes that influence several activities within a cell including signaling, division, and metabolism. A kinase inhibitor blocks the kinase enzyme and can be useful in preventing cell actions in diseases like cancer since they impact the entire life cycle of the cell. Recently, kinase inhibitors have been explored in the treatment of viral infections which you can learn more about in the PepTalk. Peptides International carries several kinase-related products to meet your research needs. Not only can we provide catalog products, we can offer discounted, bulk quantities and custom synthesis.

Here is a selection of our kinase and viral products, as mentioned in the research in the accompanying PepTalk:


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