This Week in the Product Spotlight: Alpha-2-Gliadin (57-89)

Celiac disease is a condition that occurs when the upper intestinal tract becomes inflamed, resulting in poor absorption of nutrients, and is thought to be triggered by the consumption of gluten proteins.2 Gluten is the main wheat flour protein, and is comprised mainly of gliadin and glutenin. Several regions of the N-terminal end of gliadin are immunologically active. A proline in the sequence makes hydrolysis sluggish, due its cyclical nature and secondary amine.1 A 33-residue peptide, derived from α2-gliadin (Alpha-2-Gliadin (57-89)),has been found to be resistant to enzymatic cleavage by intestinal peptidases, yet is highly immunoreactive, due to three overlapping T-cell epitopes.2 The high immunoreactivity of α2-Gliadin (57-89) makes it important in the study of celiac disease.

Peptides International is pleased to offer the following new product:

α-2-Gliadin (57-89)

We also carry:
Gliadin Wheat Recombinant

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