BioImage Informatics - October 2–4, 2019

Organized by Mike Hawrylycz from the Allen Institute for Brain Science and Winfried Wiegraebe from the Allen Institute for Cell Science, the two and a half day conference will include keynote talks by leaders in the field, selected talks chosen from submitted abstracts, and dynamic poster sessions and software demos.

 Meeting Themes

►︎ Applications of machine and deep learning to analysis of cellular structure and related function 
►︎ Reconstruction and analysis of neuronal structure and networks Morphological image analysis and its contribution to cell type and cell state and creation of atlases 
►︎ Quantification of dynamic images and transport phenomena
►︎ Automation of data acquisition and analysis 
►︎ Dynamic cell imaging and biological processes 

Keynote Speakers

Anne E. Carpenter, Ph.D., Broad Institute of MIT and HarvardGaudenz Danuser, Ph.D., UT Southwestern Medical Center 
Rick Horwitz, Ph.D., Allen Institute for Cell Science 
Emma Lundberg, Ph.D., KTH Royal Institute of Technology 
R. Clay Reid, Ph.D., Allen Institute for Brain Science