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Peptides International 
Peptides International was founded in 1983 by the late Professor Arno. F. Spatola to address the need for quality products and services in the field of peptide synthesis. Thirty years later, the company is recognized around the world as a trusted source of high purity, quality products ranging from innovative resins to complex custom peptide synthesis. Peptides International remains a private company, with Jacqulyn B. Spatola as the principal owner.

Today, in its laboratory facilities, the company has an active research and development program that complements its production of solid phase resins, amino acid derivatives, peptides, and related products. It has also been active in obtaining several Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants that have supported the development of new products such as CLEAR-OX™ polymer-supported oxidants and targeted combinatorial peptide libraries.

Our Mission

"Excellence Compounded"

Major Products

Peptides International manufactures and distributes biochemical products for research at universities, institutes, and pharmaceutical/biotech companies throughout the world. Our Louisville laboratory specializes in solid phase resins such as CLEAR™, amino acid derivatives, peptides of all types, metalloprotease inhibitors, and custom peptide synthesis, which include Substrates by Design™ services. Other exceptional products that we produce include: TAPI enzyme inhibitors, enzyme substrates (FRET, MCA, pNA), mini-PEG™ solubilizing linkers, CLEAR-OX™ polymer-supported oxidants, KLH, Click Chemistry, and combinatorial peptide libraries. A number of these and other products are produced under license from either universities or commercial sources.


Peptides International, has formed a secure confidential global partnership that is designed to seamlessly take you from R & D to cGMP.

Each company brings distinct competencies and experience to the partnership. PI produces custom peptides across a wide range of technologies from multi-disulfide peptides to multi-step organic synthesis. It also offers an extensive portfolio of building blocks and other peptide synthesis tools. Our partner in turn, has developed and demonstrated over the years a unique set of expertise in the design of cost effective peptide manufacturing processes and in the cGMP production of clinical and commercial peptides APIs.

Key to the partnership is saving time and costs to customers by providing a seamless progression and transfer of technical information from peptide candidate screening through preclinical and clinical development.

Peptides International has custom peptide synthesis expertise across a wide range of technologies ranging from multi-disulfide peptides to multi-step organic synthesis. The company also offers an extensive portfolio of building blocks and other peptide synthesis tools and its activities have been certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Contact us today to find out how these technologies and efficiencies can be utilized to take your R & D to cGMP, economically and successfully!

Externally Sourced Products

Peptides International features the full line of quality products of the Peptide Institute of Osaka, Japan a line that includes a wide variety of enzyme inhibitors and substrates, biologically active peptides, and peptide toxins and antisera. The Peptide Institute is the commercial partner of the Protein Research Foundation of Osaka, Japan, which provides a complete listing of peptide related publications, both in hard copy form and through its own Internet linkage.


Peptides International and the Peptide Institute

Throughout its history, Peptides International has also maintained a close relationship with the Peptide Institute of Osaka, Japan, a world leader in complex peptide synthesis. The company is proud to offer the full line of quality products from the Peptide Institute as well as a portfolio of premium specialized products from other reputable sources which are described in the product section of this site.

Other externally produced products include TentaGel™ resins from Rapp Polymere (Germany), ADAMTS-13 Substrate FRETS-VWF73 (licensed from the National Cardiovascular Center in Japan), Recombinant Proteins from ProSpec (Israel) and dPEG™ discrete PEG derivatives from Quanta BioDesign.


Distributors of Our Products

Peptides International has a robust and valued network of distributors that allows an even more seamless dissemination of our products.  These partnerships include:



Peptides International is proud to be Kentucky Minority Women Business Enterprise certified.  The objective of the Minority and Women Business Enterprise Certification Program is to encourage growth among Kentucky businesses owned by women and minorities and to assist those businesses in locating and obtaining further business opportunities.  The certification also allows minority and women owned businesses to compete for work in states outside of the Commonwealth of Kentucky that require certification by a statewide body.  The establishment of a state Certification Program is a critical step toward creating, maintaining and promoting Kentucky’s valuable women and minority owned businesses.