Activated KLH (Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin) is a popular choice to use as a carrier protein for haptens in order to assist in the activation of an immune response. Haptens or small peptides are often limited by their size and cannot elicit an immune response by themselves. Activated KLH has a large molecular mass and high immunogenic properties that are ideal for immunogenic stimulation. Small peptides containing free sulfhydryl groups can react with Maleimide groups of this carrier protein to form stable thioether bonds. Such carrier peptide conjugates can be used to stimulate antibodies for immunization.

We offer:

  • Convenient Vialing - Offered in single-use vials of 5 or 10 mg, Maleimide-Activated mKLH is ly- ophilized and stabilized for easy application.
  • Excellent Solubility - Our preparation of mariculture KLH is highly soluble, but if your research requires even greater hydrophilicity and solubility, a PEGylated form can be made available.
  • Optimized Activation - Specifications require that each lot is activated with > 400 moles of sulfhy- dryl-reactive maleimide per mole of KLH, ensuring consistently high levels of conjugation.
  • Sulfhydryl-reactive - Designed for conjugating cysteine-containing peptide antigens to enhance immunogenicity required for high-titer antibody production.
  • Very Efficient Procedure - Complete the hapten-carrier conjugation reaction in two hours to yield sufficient immunogenicity for several injections and booster immunizations of host animals.
  • High-Quality Carrier Protein - KLH is isolated from the mollusk Megathura crenulata (keyhole lim- pet); mKLH is a high-quality form of KLH that is harvested from limpets grown in mariculture.
  • Highly Immunogenic - KLH has a high molecular mass (0.5 to 13 million daltons; aggregates of 350 and 390kDa subunits) and elicits a stronger immune response than BSA or ovalbumin.

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