Diabetes is a prevalent disease, ffecting approximately 30.3million Americans (9.4% of the population). About 90% of those have Type II Diabetes, which is characterized by insulin resistance and the body’s inability to secrete enough insulin.

Peptides International offers unique, high purity non-recombinant insulin, in lyophlized amorphous powder form and free of zinc. Using porcine insulin as the raw Feeding Regulatory Peptides Series material, the C-terminal amino acid of B-chain (B30) is replaced from Ala to Thr using an enzymatic method followed by chemical ligation.

Peptides International also offers C-Peptide, GIP, Glucagon, Exendin (5-39), ShK and GsTxI toxins, obestatin, truncated obestatin, full length acyl and des-acyl ghrelin and ghrelin fragments, and several ghrelin antagonists to complete your diabetes and feeding regulatory research needs.

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