A Systems Pharmacology-Based Approach to Identify Novel Kv1.3 Channel-Dependent Mechanisms in Microglial Activation


Srikant Rangaraju, Syed Ali Raza, Andrea Pennati, Qiudong Deng, Eric B. Dammer, Duc Duong, Michael W. Pennington, Malu G. Tansey, James J. Lah, Ranjita Betarbet, Nicholas T. Seyfried & Allan I. Levey


Kv1.3 potassium channels regulate microglial functions and are overexpressed in neuroinflammatory diseases. Kv1.3 blockade may selectively inhibit pro-inflammatory microglia in neurological diseases but the molecular and cellular mechanisms regulated by Kv1.3 channels are poorly defined.

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