RGD Peptide Technology Platform

Proteins containing the Arg-Gly-Asp (RGD) sequence, together with the integrins that serve as receptors for them, play a special role in cell recognition and related processes such as angiogenesis or endothelial apoptosis. RGD related peptides have been and continue to be important tools for research including drug design and development, preparation of radiolabeled derivatives for tumor targeting and imaging, and in novel biomaterials development.

Peptides International has been a key resource for many of these efforts by providing leading edge tools for RGD and broader integrin research to investigators in academia and industry. Technical expertise that we have gained over the years in multiple facets of the RGD field has been integrated into an “RGD Technology Platform” which we hope will facilitate investigators’ customized, ground-breaking research and exciting new discoveries.

Authors from Peptides International