Synthetic and Microbial Inhibitors - NEW!

Synthetic enzyme inhibitors and their comparable microbial versions

Antisera from the Peptide Institute and Yanaihara Institute

Our undiluted antisera are suitable for immunohistochemical use, for application to radioimmunoassay (RIA), or other non-isotopic immunoassay systems.

Carbohydrates and Conjugates - NEWLY UPDATED!

Each product is accompanied by its Peptide International catalog number, the product name, and quantity.

CLEAR™ Resins (Technical Tips)

What characteristics would a perfect support for all solid phase synthesis needs possess?

CLEAR-OX™ - Polymer-Supported Oxidant

Disulfide Peptides Made Simple.

The Clickables

Click Chemistry and Building Blocks


a complete listing of ELISA kits available from Peptides International

Dipeptide Building Blocks

The Dipeptide Building Blocks brochure, including the entire pseudoproline product line

Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV Related Products - NEW!

There are at least 63 substrates which can bind specifically to the DPP IV enzyme, including growth factors,chemokines, and neuropeptides.

Popular Fmoc-Amino Acids

A quick reference of popular Fmoc-L- and -D-Amino Acids from Peptides International