Disulfide-Rich Peptides - NEWLY UPDATED!

Nature has afforded a means of making highly potent biologically active peptides and mini-proteins by utilizing stabilizing elements to lock the pharmacophore of the molecule into a desired configuration. The structural scaffold most commonly found in these types of molecules are multiple disulfide bonds. These disulfide-rich molecules are often isolated from venoms from microbes, animals and plants with toxic properties. The activities of these venom derived peptides often are highly potent ion channel blockers, protease inhibitors and antimicrobial molecules. More recently, disulfide-rich peptides have also been found in non-venomous animals. Interestingly, some of these molecules have homologs that are often found in venoms. These molecules include disulfide-rich peptides such as defensins (antimicrobial) and hepcidins (iron regulatory hormone). Peptides International offers a wide assortment of these ion channel toxins, defensins, hepcidins, and Integrin inhibitors to aid in your research.

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