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Diabetes is a prevalent disease, affecting approximately 30.3 million Americans (9.4% of the population).1 A hallmark of diabetes is the body’s inability to control its blood sugar, with resulting complications. The reasons for why this happens define the different types of diabetes. About 80-90% of all diabetics have type 2 diabetes, which is characterized by insulin resistance and the body’s inability to secrete enough insulin. Type 1 diabetes is typically an autoimmune process by which the body no longer makes insulin or only makes it in small amounts. Lastly, gestational diabetes is a form of short-term diabetes that is brought about by pregnancy.2

Peptides International also offers C-Peptide, GIP, Glucagon, Exendin (5-39), ShK and GsTxI toxins, obestatin, truncated obestatin, full length acyl and des-acyl ghrelin and ghrelin fragments, and several ghrelin antagonists to complete your diabetes and feeding regulatory research needs.

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