Antisera from the Peptide Institute and Yanaihara Institute

Our undiluted antisera are suitable for immunohistochemical use, for application to radioimmunoassay (RIA), or other non-isotopic immunoassay systems. These antisera are partially characterized by either of the following two methods: 1) (EIA) or 2) ELISA. They are not controlled to the rigorous specifications of prediluted antisera, which are adjusted to optimum concentrations for RIA and other immunoassays. These antisera are sold for research and development purposes only.

Storage and Stability: These Iyophilized Antisera are stable for one month at room temperature. For long term storage, we recommend that they be kept in a freezer. After reconstitution with buffer, solutions may be kept at 4°C for continuous use with a suitable preservative. For extended storage, the solutions should be frozen at -20°C.

  • Do not use organic solvents for dissolving antisera
  • Avoid repeated freezing-thawing

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