Camostat Mesilate

  • Product Code: ISP-3606-PI
  • Synonyms/Product Alternate Names: 4-(2-(2-(Dimethylamino)-2-Oxoethoxy)-2-Oxoethyl)Phenyl 4-Guanidinobenzoate, Methanesulfonic Acid Salt; FOY-305; Foipan
  • A Serine Protease Inhibitor; Shown to Inhibit Viral Entry Into Human Lung Cells
  • Camostat mesilate is a serine protease inhibitor that inhibits plasmin, kallikrein, thrombin as well as trypsin, which attenuates pancreatic fibrosis.  It reduces weight gain and improves metabolism in obese rodent models.  It is in clinical use (in Japan) for pancreatitis.  Camostat has been found to inhibit influenza virus replication in human tracheal epithelial cells and is also a direct prostasin inhibitor which may be useful in reducing sodium transport in cystic fibrosis. Additionally it has been shown to reduce infection of Calu-3 lung cells by SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19) via inhibition of the serine protease TMPRSS2 required for viral spike protein priming.

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  • Storage Conditions: -20 ℃
  • Purity: >98% (HPLC); NMR (Conforms)
  • Molecular Weight: 494.5
  • Molecular Formula: C20H22N4O5 • CH3SO3H
  • CAS Number: 59721-29-8
  • 10mg
  • $40.00
  • 50mg
  • $160.00
  • 500mg
  • $960.00
For research use ONLY. Not for use on humans.