Ebola Zaire VP40

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  • Synonyms/Product Alternate Names: Ebola Zaire VP40 Recombinant
  • Immunoassay
  • Ebolavirus (EVD) belongs to the Filoviridae family of proteins which is comprised of a single-strand, non-infectious RNA genome. EVD genome is about 19,000 base pairs long and covers 7 genes in the order 3'-UTR-NP-VP35-VP40-GP-VP30-VP24-L-5'-UTR. There are 4 different ebola viruses such as: Zaire (EBO-Z), Sudan (EBO-S), Cote d’Ivoire (EBO-CI) and Reston (EBO-R) that differ in amino acid sequence and location of where the gene overlaps. Except for the nucleocapsid and glycoprotein, VP40 is another Ebola structural protein. VP40 is a matrix protein which is essential for virion assembly as well as budding from infected cell. It has been shown that VP40 is one of target recognized by specific Ebola antibodies from Ebola virus infected patients.

    Recombinant Ebola Zaire VP40 is a full length of Zaire Ebola VP40 containing 325 amino acids produced in E.coli, having an MW of 35kDa, and fused to a 6xHis tag at its C-terminus.

    Ebola Zaire VP40 protein solution is supplied in Phosphate buffer, 25mM arginine and 0.02% sodium azide.

    Ebola Zaire VP40 is purified by a proprietary chromatographic technique.

  • Origin: Escherichia coli
  • Storage Conditions: -20 ℃
  • Purity: Greater than 95% as determined by 12% PAGE (Coomassie staining)
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