LISA-101 (0.1mg vial)

  • Trifluoroacetate Salt
  • Product Code: GLU-3234-s
  • Synonyms/Product Alternate Names: γ-l-Glutamyl-(2S)-γ-ethyl-γ-[(3-oxo-3H-phenoxazin-7-yl)oxy]carbonyl-2,4-diaminobutyric acid
  • Fluorogenic Substrate for γ-Glutamyl Cyclotransferase (GGCT)
  • LISA-101 is a fluorogenic substrate for γ-Glutamyl Cyclotransferase (GGCT), which is upregulated in a wide range of cancers, including breast and prostate cancer.

  • Storage Conditions: -20 °C
  • Molecular Weight: 514.48
  • Molecular Formula: C24H26N4O9
  • CAS Number: 1638785-74-6
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For research use ONLY. Not for use on humans.