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The intersection of entertainment and biotech often times give rise to something that is neither: not very entertaining and usually inaccurate in terms of the science. It is usually because that if the balance swings too far towards either pole, the prospect for the other generally suffers. Into this comes a new project based on Barry Werth’s book of the same name, The Billion Dollar Molecule, a depiction of the Vertex Pharmaceuticals story. The feature film’s website promises that:
"This gripping drama tells the intense story of scientists that have to face huge hurdles – personal, professional, and emotional – to reach their ultimate goal: saving millions of lives through drug development.  …Along the way, they discover a cure for Hepatitis-C and the HIV protease inhibitor [sic1] to stop AIDS."
They address the aforementioned concerns, at least in terms of the portrayal of scientific innovators:
"Many recent popular media about scientific genius depict the great tech and science leaders as anti-social or a-social, from Steve Jobs’ brash and imperious reign over Apple, to Alan Turing’s introverted brilliance in The Imitation Game.  This thrilling TV series show scientists making personal sacrifices, working shoulder to shoulder to tackle the world's most devastating health problems. This film will show that today's scientists are society's true heroes."
That will be entertaining - here’s hoping it comes to fruition and delivers on its promise!

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Barry Werth, Author

 1. There are at least four HIV protease inhibitors by our count.

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