Intern(al) Medicine

As an outgrowth of Peptides International’s academic origins of our founder, Dr. Arno F. Spatola, the company instituted a robust internship program several years ago.   However, 2016 is notable as we have seen our largest number of interns, working in different departments.  Whether they are lab technicians, marketing assistants or customer service support, these students are afforded valuable experience in a real-world business environment and, in turn, their fields of interest and study.  Of course, this is mutually beneficial and we really enjoy the “shot of adrenaline” from having such enthusiastic, eager and energetic people around, learning and assisting in their chosen fields!

Fredrick BugyeiCasey BilesJoe ParrottThibaoud Reyser

 (From left to right our 2016 intern class: Fredrick Bugyei (Marketing), Casey Biles (Marketing/Customer Service), Joe Parrott and Thibaud Reyser (Laboratory))

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Robert Brousseau

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Robert Brousseau, the Director of Marketing and Catalog Sales Development at Peptides International, has a wide range of responsibilities that include maintaining the Peptides International brand integrity and creating and implementing all materials related to marketing the company's product line. He is also tasked with the catalog portfolio sales.  Since joining the company in 2004, he has incorporated media that now includes printed material such as product brochures and the long-running PEPNET newsletter, along with the company Website, social media, email and other outlets.  Additionally, he assists the staff with IT issues they encounter.  Bob has a background in graphic design, marketing, and advertising, in addition to project management and packaging.  He received his B.A. in Art from the University of Louisville, with additional post-graduate studies in education and design.