Introducing PepMate™

The PepMate™ Peptide Calculator is the newest addition to our website,, and it performs functions that every peptide chemist needs.

However, before using PepMate™ for the first time, we urge you to click on “Instructions” for writing a sequence. Then, choose “Entry Mode” to enter amino acid sequence either in a three-letter code (Three-letter name) or single-letter code format. It is important to choose three-letter codes if the sequence has other groups on side-chains and requires an entry in parentheses. After entering the sequence, make sure to select the N-terminal and C-terminal groups from the drop-down menu. If there are cysteines in the sequence and they are oxidized to disulfide bonds, it should be specified in the “Disulfide Bonds” field.

Peptides International’s PepMate™ calculates and estimates the physiochemical properties for each entered sequence based on standard values known in literature.   

After clicking “Calculate”, the “Results” field will display the following:

o   Number of Residues

o   Molecular weight

o   Molar Extinction Coefficient ε at 280 µM

o   Molecular Formula

o   Iso-electric point

o   Net Charge at pH 7.0

o   Approximation of solubility in water

In addition, PepMate™ also displays:

o   Single Letter and Three Letter sequence translated

o   Elemental analysis in the form of a colorful graphic

o   Titration plot of net charge versus pH, and  

o   Hydropathy plot based on hydrophilicity values of the amino acid residues.

For quick information about the standard and unusual amino acids, protecting groups, N- and C-terminal groups, click of the attached PDF file. An added benefit of PepMate™ is that the user can also request a confidential quote for the entered sequence directly from PepMate™ window.

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