Introducing PepMate™

The PepMate™ Peptide Calculator is the newest addition to our website,, and it performs functions that every peptide chemist needs.

However, before using PepMate™ for the first time, we urge you to click on “Instructions” for writing a sequence. Then, choose “Entry Mode” to enter amino acid sequence either in a three-letter code (Three-letter name) or single-letter code format. It is important to choose three-letter codes if the sequence has other groups on side-chains and requires an entry in parentheses. After entering the sequence, make sure to select the N-terminal and C-terminal groups from the drop-down menu. If there are cysteines in the sequence and they are oxidized to disulfide bonds, it should be specified in the “Disulfide Bonds” field.

Peptides International’s PepMate™ calculates and estimates the physiochemical properties for each entered sequence based on standard values known in literature.   

After clicking “Calculate”, the “Results” field will display the following:

o   Number of Residues

o   Molecular weight

o   Molar Extinction Coefficient ε at 280 µM

o   Molecular Formula

o   Iso-electric point

o   Net Charge at pH 7.0

o   Approximation of solubility in water

In addition, PepMate™ also displays:

o   Single Letter and Three Letter sequence translated

o   Elemental analysis in the form of a colorful graphic

o   Titration plot of net charge versus pH, and  

o   Hydropathy plot based on hydrophilicity values of the amino acid residues.

For quick information about the standard and unusual amino acids, protecting groups, N- and C-terminal groups, click of the attached PDF file. An added benefit of PepMate™ is that the user can also request a confidential quote for the entered sequence directly from PepMate™ window.

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Dr. Satendra S. Chauhan

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Dr. Chauhan joined Peptides International in 2011, bringing with him an impressive background of academic and commercial peptide experience. After completing his Ph.D. in organic chemistry at the renowned M.S. University of Baroda, India, he pursued postdoctoral studies in medicinal chemistry at the University of Oklahoma. His commercial experience began at Peninsula Laboratories and for ten years, he was Director of Organic Research at Bachem Bioscience. Dr. Chauhan’s areas of expertise include retrosynthetic analysis, synthesis, purification and analysis of complex organic molecules, peptides, and peptidomimetics and total synthesis of natural products. Dr. Chauhan also holds an MBA in Technology Management and is the author of numerous publications and presentations in peptide chemistry.