Accessing Fatty Acylated Peptides: Fmoc-Lys(Palmitoyl)-OH, Fmoc-Lys(Alloc)-OH & Fmoc-Lys(ivDDe)-OH

For researchers looking for a convenient way to increase the lipophilicity of their peptide, you can consider using different lengths of fatty acyl groups coupled on the N-terminus or on a side chain derivatized Lys residue in the primary sequence or at the C-terminus. We now offer a convenient way to make these products by providing our newest derivative Fmoc-Lys(palmitoyl)-OH for your synthesis needs. If you choose to vary the length of the acyl moiety, this is conveniently achieved by using an orthogonally protected Lys derivative such as our Fmoc-Lys(Alloc)-OH or Fmoc-Lys(ivDde)-OH. By maintaining an α amino protecting group at the completion of synthesis, removal of the orthogonal group can be achieved with tetrakis-triphenylphosphine Pd (0) or 2% hydrazine in DMF, respectively for Alloc and ivDde, and a longer or shorter acyl group can be coupled to the free epsilon amino group.

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