Inducing Beta Cell Production in Diabetics

Insulin replacement therapy is necessary in type I diabetics and in many type II diabetics. Recently, a team, led by Bruno Doiron at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, has been able to transform adult somatic cells into pancreatic beta cells. They take a three-step Cellular Networking, Integration, and Processing (CNIP) approach that does not require stem cells. Their approach integrates glucose metabolism, membrane receptor function, and gene expression, all necessary for in vivo beta cell formation. In their CNIP cocktail, they used lentivirus, taking advantage of its ability to integrate into the genome while not generating an immune response, to express the transcription factors in the cocktail. The cocktail was able to increase plasma insulin levels after treatment as well as decrease blood glucose after treatment. Fortunately, their method induced pancreatic beta cell production without causing injury to the pancreas. The authors believe that their method can be used both as a treatment and a cure.1


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